Pittsburgh, PA


From its early days as the Gateway to the West to its modern reputation for being the best place to launch a small business, Pittsburgh PA serves an integral role in U.S. history and in the current small business landscape.

Pittsburgh’s rich history includes serving as an industrial hub for coal mining and steel production and is now known as a hub for advanced technology and small business success. Many new technology companies and Fortune 500 companies such as Uber, Lyft, Google, and Facebook, have been drawn to the city’s highly -skilled workforce and thriving business environment, opening up locations to take advantage of Pittsburgh’s growing market.

Well on its way to becoming the next Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh PA is an amazing place to gather for an event. Pittsburgh is a city that welcomes visitors from around the world with a strength that lies in its hard-working attitude and a strong sense of community. The highly skilled workforce paired with a community that wants you to succeed makes Pittsburgh the perfect place to meet with women in the area who have the same drive and determination to make a difference in their lives and businesses.

The Pittsburgh 2021 Women Who Embrace Life conference Event will be held at the August Wilson African American Cultural Center (AWAACC). The August Wilson African American Cultural Center is a non-profit arts organization located in the Cultural District of Pittsburgh. This organization presents visual and performing arts programs that celebrate the contributions of African Americans in Western Pennsylvania as well as nationally and internationally. Pittsburgh offers a unique cultural and business landscape where women can grow and thrive. Join us at the Women Who Embrace Life Pittsburgh 2021 event at the August Wilson African American Cultural Center.

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