Fort Lauderdale, FL


Known as the “Venice of America” and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, New River, and many scenic inland waterways, Fort Lauderdale has stunning natural beauty and a wide range of cultural, educational, and entertainment amenities. While it is a beautiful place to vacation and enjoy a semi-tropical climate, Fort Lauderdale is also a dynamic, diverse, and thriving center for business both in the United States and overseas, going far beyond the beaches and boats the area is known for. Tourism and businesses related to boating and yachting are the pillars of the local economy, but the modern-day Fort Lauderdale has become a magnet for new, expanding or relocating companies who want to establish their business in the city center.

With a business-friendly atmosphere, a thriving lifestyle and easy access to transportation makes Fort Lauderdale not only attractive to businesses, but also makes it a great place to gather the best minds in business for the Women Who Embrace Life Conference. The thriving business community and a skilled workforce make Fort Lauderdale the perfect place for women in the area to meet and share their insights and skills to help empower other women and make a difference in their personal and professional lives.

Details about the Fort Lauderdale 2023 Women Who Embrace Life Conference will be announced May 6th but you can be sure that Fort Lauderdale offers a thriving and business-oriented landscape where women can grow both in their professional and personal lives. We hope you will consider joining us at the Women Who Embrace Life Conference in Fort Lauderdale.

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